Saturday evening worship is at 5:30 PM.
Chris Proctor is our worship leaders and Francisco Disionsio Sr. and his son sing and play with the praise team. this group leads us to a wonderful experience of worship.

Sunday mornings - Mrs. Ann King is our organist and her wonderful musical accompaniment wtih piano and organ provides a traditional setting for worship.

Some of our folk go to either, a few to both, but most find a home in one of the two experiences.

Come and check them out for yourself!

Sample Messages:

Step 6: Entirely Ready 2015

there is a long delay before it begins, nothing wrong with your player - don't change the channel.

"Is God Even Interested" &let;-- (click here to download message)

Week 2 -
Where is God When I hit Rock Bottom

Week 3
Why Should I Do What God Says

Week 4
What would  God think of what is in my heart

Week 6

Rev. Jack Womack
Hope Community United Methodist Church
Chartered 01.01.11

Videos of Pastor Jack's 12 Step sermons are posted on Facebook - become a friend of
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Hope Community United Methodist Church
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